Love Science — Psychology of attraction! Book Review

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    Monika Singh

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How complicated yet powerful Love can be in relationships, we can observe it in our daily life, and in the things near around us.

Book: Love Science — Psychology of attraction!
Author: Surajit Roy
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 100+


Book Review:

As there are different stages of love, classified on the basis of our life Journey.
Childhood, Teenage, Young age, and Old age.

In childhood, we are emotionally attached with our Parents, Siblings or someone who care for us a lot.

In teenage, we experience — friends love, feel infatuated or create stories about crushes in our head; which are most of the time 1 sided or our imaginations.

It is not the fault of teenagers. Books & movies make us like this.

As we move towards young age, there are two important factors:
1. Lust and 2. Companionship.

Though 2 person are never alike & for more than 90% people look seriously matter. They are influenced by Physical attraction, lust, sex, beauty and much more. That is why we can observe that a lot of Indian arrange marriages are painful. And in love marriages, love disappear after 3-4 months or 1-2 years.

If you are driven by companionship (rare people), then in such cases, Emotions, intimacy, Strong bond, Communication, Commitment, etc., matters a lot.

My take on Book Narration! 
It is doing great on Philosophical part & research based part. Along with it, it is also creating confusion and controversies too, as we all know love is different and vary from individual to individual.

Also, the songs lyrics are bringing 2 contexts. One is entertainment when we are in mood of enjoyment & another is feeling, understanding and the pain when we are feeling low.

The cover of book is expressing it clearly. Love is not like our imaginations or attractive & smooth like fantasies in romance novels or movies. It is complicated, messy and hard to connect and keep all the dots in 1 thread. It seriously needs care, and proper balance.

Suggestions for Author: 
Narration need to be more smooth. After half book & before last quarter. This book needs 1 more revision for proper flow.

How I feel while reading this? 
It is really hard to digest a lot of opinions and facts without questioning. So, if we will not try to relate the things with our real life and surrounding, the things of romance fiction/ Bollywood movies will keep empowering our beliefs.

How this book can be helpful for you? 
Benefits: It can help you to understand, how to pick up right life partner, without many compromises and forcing your beliefs.

Recommended To: Those people who are looking forward to understanding what actually Relationships and Love are, in real life. I can not recommend this book to — beginners and hopeless romantic people who are empowered by escaping the reality.

I will share tips, factors, & more things in upcoming posts! Here the space is limited. Till then Stay connected!

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