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Travis Howard

Good vibes comes from good salary??

No, actually good vibes comes in you from your inner peace. It doesn't matter how much you earn and how much happy are you in front of everyone, but the thing matters is how much you inner soul is satisfied.

As a college student I know the circumstances one comes during that session. There's a lot of pressure over you about your passion your career your love and many more. This is the time when you realize that what's more important to you. 
When you choose one thing among other else, you think now you focused on one, but that actually builds a pressure in mind of loosing others. Now, what one can do?
The better option is to choose your satisfaction means choose multiple options rather than one. It helps you in handling your mind more perfectly.

A friend of mine was very much disturbed by his life. He has some good people in life but there's also some worst. The problem with him was that he don't want to loose anyone. He thought he can handle both of them, but he anyhow between all this rubbish is lossing himself. He realised that he is not anymore that person, he used to know two years back. This all teaches him that its important to have your inner identify satisfied with you rather than enjoying your fake soul.

" The main source that can lead to a happy and satisfied life is only your real identity, the identity which makes you happy not others. Other things are just secondary they can provide you a short time pleasure, and when then gone you are again that lonely person. So, just tightly grab you soul and just say stay with me you are mine if you are happy then only I will be delighted."

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