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Mani Shankar, dreamer - Interview Conversation with Monika Singh

Mani Shankar

Mani Shankar Soni is from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He is currently a student of - Bachelor of pharmacy, in the Professional Education field. His hobbies are: Reading books of foreign authors, and listening the Classical music.



(Questions and Answers, in a conversation with Monika Singh and Mani Shankar)

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Mani: In my opinion: "Do not be sad if someone rejected you. Because people usually leave expensive things and go for the cheap one".

What does literary success look like to you?

Mani: In my opinion, Literary success is the development of mostly pastime uses activities, creativeness and many other things related to present in that time.

Does a big ego help or hurt dreamers?

Mani: Mostly big ego always hurt Dreamers.

What was an early experience where you learned that language (written words) had power?

Mani: According to my experience, language always works as a medium to understand communication, be it is written or spoken.

What period of your life do you find most valuable, enjoyable & eye-opening too? (Child, teenager, young adult)?

Mani: I found Teenager is the part of my life and most enjoyable, & valuable

Do you Google yourself?

Mani: Yes! I do google myself.

Biggest judgmental point in society for boys?

Mani: Biggest judgmental point in society for boys is related to the job and marriage.

One rule you want to break in our society and family for boys / girls?

Mani: I want to break the rule regulations for the girls, so that they can grow with boys.

Dreams and goal of your life?

Mani: The dream of my life is not big, but it is not small as well, so I want all those things, I those qualities that can give me identity in the society.

Who is your ideal in your life?

Mani: My mother is my ideal in my life. But the word have not the capacity to explain their feelings.

What do you think, people try to control the power of boys in the name of responsibility?

Mani: Yes, people suppress the feelings of boys in the name of responsibility. They do not have enough time for themselves too. So, I think no one can understand their feelings.

What is your favorite childhood book?

Mani: I have a favorite poetry book:The random house book of poetry.

One thing, that always makes you happy, and you want to dance that time?

Mani: Only friends make me happy.

Which change need our country for basic & real education?

Mani: New syllabus according to Hindu culture can change the real education & basic education.

One thing you want to do for your parents?

Mani: I have many dreams for my parents. I can not explain it, that are decided by future.

Family or a friend, which one is comfortable for you, to share yourself?

Mani: Family and friends both help me in sadness.

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© Monika Singh & Mani Shankar

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